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Page history last edited by Amanda 12 years, 4 months ago

The Unresu.me Wiki




as the global economic market takes a big fat dump on the heads of working people around the world, this domain is our place to help each other. unresu.me is crowd sourced resumes, an extension of the community-sourced internet projects that borrow their names from the Web 2.0 meme of "un" (pronounced "uhnn"). we are not here to make money off of each other. we are here to define the impossible and turn networked participation into a dead tree. 


this wiki is an open and collaborative way to edit your resume. expansion is only limited to what you bring to the table.



on 11 Sept 08, noneck found himself unemployed. after 12 days of researching a resume that illustrates global internet participation in unconferences and other web 2.0 lifestyle events, Amanda Bee suggested he wiki his resume. welcome to unresu.me! help noneck edit his unresume, post your own or join the google group for further discussion.



  1. we are here as a karma based alternative to help each other edit resumes.
  2. we are here to help define online internet community participation into quantifiable business speak.
  3. we are here to redefine the resume into the unresume.



  1. When you come, be prepared to share.
  2. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world. All content submitted to this site is under an a CC-attribution clause. (In other words, throw the community some props for editing your damn resume.)
  3. No job postings, No advertisements and NO graffiti. On the other hand, street art is allowed and we would love to see ASCI, animated and video resumes. 
  4. To be added when the internet is disconnected.



if i was smart, i would come up with a cool way to list resumes (and add google ad-sense). for now, let's keep it simple. if you need your resume edited, add your name to the page of resumes "Lastname, Firstname (Nickname)" and click on the new link button. then create a new page with the preformatted link name, and then tell us about yourself on the google group.


example, Hidalgo, Noel (aka noneck)


Comments (2)

Sean Reiser said

at 7:13 am on Nov 13, 2008

A question before I post.... My read of item number 2 would be that my printed resume would need to have a copyright notice and attribution on it, which would probably put in in a roundfile at some of the larger firms. I understand a link back for online resumes, but feel this could be detrimental otherwise. Opinions?

noel hidalgo said

at 6:21 pm on Dec 19, 2008

well you don't need to put roundfile on it... just throw the community some props... ;)

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